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    Government Relations • Strategic Communications • Public Affairs
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    Successful advocacy is built on compelling storytelling and holistic approach.
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    A proud team of executives with the political credentials and issue expertise to effectively advocate for you.

Your Success Is Our Top Priority

Investing in Monument Policy Group means success and a partner that understands the difference between strategy and tactics. Monument prides itself on working closely with your team, becoming subject matter experts on your issues and understanding your culture. We then take these insights to build and execute a winning campaign.

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Why Do We Win

Successful advocacy is built on compelling story-telling. That takes an engagement strategy that’s consistent, authentic and targeted across key influencers. We help clients succeed with an all-in, holistic approach that gets bottom-line results.

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A Powerful Team

We are a proud team of executives with meaningful political credentials and experiences that we rely upon to develop allies and gain intelligence using a bipartisan approach. That expertise combined with our extensive history and unparalleled, multilayered thinking ensures that our clients are getting not only timely information and access, but also understand the larger dynamics at play

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Government Affairs and Public Policy

We are committed to putting our relationships and expertise to work in an environment where frequent shifts of power and priorities require constant evaluation of strategies and alliances.

Strategic Communications and Public Affairs

We take a campaign-style approach to communications and public affairs that champions an integrated strategy designed to play offense for corporations, associations, and coalitions.

Business to Government Marketing

We help both big and small companies approach federal business opportunities and procurement smartly to bolster their federal sales efforts.

Long-Term Positioning and Agenda Development

We believe in looking around the corner to the “next” problem to address issues before they reach a crisis situation.

Policy Specialties

Innovation and Technology

We have extensive experience in such areas as telecommunications, intellectual property, data protection, privacy, cybersecurity, entertainment, media, and the Internet.

Tax, Trade and Economic Policy

Clients look to us to provide solutions in international trade, tax, competition, antitrust, supply chain management, and corporate social responsibility.

Security, Travel and Immigration

We are known experts in national security, homeland security, travel and tourism, immigration, infrastructure protection, law enforcement and intelligence, aviation, and transportation.

Health Care, Fitness and Sports

We have worked with leading private sector groups, individual health and fitness solutions, and amateur and professional sports leagues on a range of issues that affect America’s health and recreation.